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Here you can Minify CSS, Javascript, PHP, HTML in Bulk just upload your CSS files !

Example: Minify your boostrap.css It compresses, removing unneccessary whitespace, colons, removing unneccessary px/em declarations etc.

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CSS is used to display better contents with good quality layout on a webpage. For a Website owner, you should Minify CSS to improve performance. CSS is good with the majority of web programs and is additionally simple to comprehend. CSS remains for Cascading Stylesheets and they're exceptionally simple to use. From the decrease in clutter, the CSS would be better and simpler to manage. CSS coding would become easier to acquire different browsers to show the layout as the exact same. On that CSS is utilized to alter the look of the elements that are displayed on the site. If you create an external CSS or Java Script file, it can be used for all of the pages of your site.
Generally, for a novice designer it's quite hard to design a web site. A lot of people know that creating a site is an intricate procedure and is composed of several stages. Utilizing legible font could be considerable whilst designing mobile sites.
HTML is essential due to its web based application. HTML is as yet the perfect type of coding for the key structure of a website. HTML defines the appearance of a page, as it's a mark-up language. HTML is the fundamental foundation of programming. Ahead of the release of XML, html was the most prosperous mark-up language on the planet. Since the start of website composition, HTML has become the standard for expert websites. So you've learned a bit about HTML and JavaScript.